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Oxford Portable GPS Tracker - £199

Oxford Portable GPS Tracker

Portable Battery Powered GPS Tracking System

This is the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to fit GPS Tracking to your motorcycle (or indeed any other vehicle or item you wish to track).

Simply conceal the sleek Tracker unit in the most appropriate place on your motorcycle and activate with your phone/tablet/computer!

If your bike gets stolen, simply open up your Tracker app to find out where it has been taken. anywhere in the world with a mobile network.

You can quickly access a number of key features using your phone/tablet/computer, depending on what you need from the system.

This tough, completely waterproof, sealed unit has an incredibly long battery life (10 year life expectancy).

This makes it completely portable, so you can move it at will, transfer from one use to another and effectively conceal it inside anything else you wish to track.

No wiring required. No charging required. Just put it wherever you want and activate with your phone/tablet/computer!