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Datatool TrakKING Adventure
Thatcham Category 6, stolen vehicle tracking system

Introduction -

The old Datatool TrakKING was a Thatcham approved stolen bike solution, providing instant notification of theft and 24/7/365 monitoring. TrakKING did not record speed or journey history, but bike location could be verified at any time using the website or smart phone app.

TrakKING Adventure does all that TrakKING offered, plus full journey history with the speed, heading and bike location being recorded every 15 seconds (when the ignition is on) with data uploaded to the cloud every 2 minutes for later review. TrakKING Adventure also offers additional features such as crash detection and location based events (geo fence entry/exit).

iOS or Android app available for Adventure. TrakKING Adventure also offers a low cost option of direct to 999 integrated crash detection via the app.

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