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Acutrac Triple Tracking System



Total Tracking and Security System

Imagine a state of the art tracking and security system with the functionality and features of a fleet management tool - think Acutrac!

Acutrac is a small device that uses a combination of location technologies to allow users to track the movement or position of their vehicle/asset via a dedicated ‘web-panel’. Users also have the ability via mobile phone, PDA or the internet to determine how the system is activated – manually or automatically for example if the vehicle/asset moves out of a pre-set area. Acutrac can also be used as a fleet management tool as other devices can be monitored on the same web panel.


The Acutrac system has been designed specifically for the harsh environment that a motorcycle presents - it is small so can be hidden away in a variety of areas on a vehicle/asset; is fully sealed to protect it from the elements; is intelligent in that it conserves as well as monitors vehicle/asset battery power and automatically recharges its internal back-up battery; is simple to install and can also be transferred between vehicles/assets.

Broad Application

Although designed primarily for motorcycles, Acutrac is perfectly suited to applications on other vehicles or assets such as caravans, trailers, plant, cars, commercials, quad bikes, agricultural vehicles and horse boxes.


Tracking systems are one of the latest developments in vehicle/asset security and are increasingly being adopted as a cost effective means of countering criminal activity. How does it work? - Most tracking systems use two out of three different technologies – satellite signals (GPS), mobile phone signals (GSM) and Radio Frequency ID (RFiD). Acutrac uses all three. Here’s why;

GPS tracking has fantastic location accuracy but depends on unobstructed signals and with many stolen items such as motorcycles being hidden away in a remote lock-up or container, this can sometimes block the signal.

GSM signals can allow location even if the asset is in a van or a building but accuracy depends on the proximity of nearby phone masts so only a general location can be determined. In this instance, RFiD technology is needed to get a really accurate location. RFiD basically comprises a small transmitter in the tracking system and use of a hand held scanner in the designated GSM area (or cell as they are known) to exactly pinpoint the vehicle/asset.


Actual tracking of the vehicle/asset can be activated in a number of ways – whilst some systems rely on the owner notifying the system supplier if their vehicle/asset is missing, Acutrac offers far more. Acutrac can be activated by a call to the monitoring centre, a simple text message from your mobile phone or can be set to activate if the vehicle/asset is moved or interfered with. Acutrac can also be set to activate if the vehicle/asset moves outside any pre-determined boundary (known as a geo-fence - a "Geographical Fence") such as your property. Once triggered, users can monitor the vehicle/asset themselves or contact the monitoring centre and then the Police can be called in.

It is clear that by integrating all these technologies and features, Acutrac can be really effective in locating a vehicle/asset with the added opportunity for the Police to catch criminals in the act. It’s this aspect that has really established tracking systems as a successful product as in some cases, location of a stolen vehicle has led Police to the hiding place for many other stolen vehicles and subsequent prosecution of the criminals.

The Fun Factor!

But its not just security where Acutrac excels. As well as being able to track your vehicle in the event of theft, you can also track yourself for example on a track day or whilst touring and record your speed and recent positions on your own unique web-based mapping system. You also have the facility to track your own mobile phones and any other GSM assets on the same screen. (GSM accuracy applies here)
  • Unique rider/driver "Fun Factor"
  • User accessible web site with world-wide street-level mapping
  • Satellite photography, world-wide
  • Triple tracking technology – GPS, GSM and RFiD
  • Integral movement sensor
  • Automatic or manual arming
  • Control your system via SMS text messages from your mobile phone or PDA
  • Designed specifically for motorcycle environment but suitable for many others
  • Internal battery back-up
  • Track your mobile phones; business/personal/family
  • Vehicle/asset diagnostics £ security status as text alerts (eg: low battery)
  • Monitor recent movements and device configuration via web panel
  • Geofence facility
  • Unrivalled technical support
  • Pricing varies depending upon the package you purchase. The base price for the unit itself is £299 plus £99 per year, plus any text messages sent/received - up to £599 for a 4-year up-front payment with no annual fee, plus any text messages sent/received. (after year four the annual fee is 79.00 per year)

Annual Fee Package

Unit Price £299.00 ..... Annual Fee £99.00

One Time Fee Package

One Year ..... £398.00
Two Year ..... £479.00
Three Year .. £550.00
Four Year .... £599.00

On Site fitting Service £80.00